Welcome to ucanto

Pronounced “You Can Too”
Wild, energetic, mesmerizing, and ever changing improvisational American Tribal Style® bellydance.  


Nancy Brown
PH. 206-407-5407  
EM. icyjazzy@gmail.com


Nancy Brown, director/instructor/owner of ucanto belly dance has been a dancer all her life, but found this format in 2001. 

Learning a variety of vocabularies within the Tribal community, Nancy came back to the very source of the Tribal belly dance phenomenon with FatChance® belly dance styling and becoming a certified American Tribal Style® Instructor and Sister Studio in 2008.

Teaching and honing the stills of some students who have become some of the newer teachers and Sister Studios.


Square Payment – accepting credit cards
Cash, Checks ($35 return check fee) 

Classes – Monthly 
Third Saturday of the Month (except for January 2018, will be on January 13th)
Classes are being designed to cover approximately 4 weeks worth of movement and drilling per intensive class.  All classes will be video recorded for practice between classes, available to the students attending class.

Level 1 & 1.5 – 90 minute intensive class  
10 – 11:30am
Tribal Fundamentals are the basics in fun combinations, using both slow and fast movements.  

Level 2 & 2.5 – 2 hour intensive class
12 – 2pm
Tribal Combinations / Additional Formations are devoted to the next level of movements and Modern dialect layered with the Classics of ATS.

Level 3 plus – 2 hour intensive class
Drill/ Improv Choreography classes are a combination of all the more advance movements and formations, but also performance level choreography and props.

Class Fees:
90 min class
– $30 per class drop in
– $165 for 6 classes

2 hr class
– $40 class drop in
– $220 for 6 classes

 Contact Nancy for class location.  e. icyjazzy@gmail.com



Nancy Brown

p. 206.407.5407

e. icyjazzy@gmail.com